Professor Gerrit Hoogemboom

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Professor Gerrit Hoogemboom will talk on the following topic: Advances in Modeling: : The DSSAT Crop Modeling Ecosystem

Currently, Professor Dr Gerrit Hoogenboom is a Preeminent Scholar in the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems, and Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at the University of Florida, USA. Prior to joining the University of Florida, he was the AgWeatherNet Program Director and Professor of Agrometeorology at Washington State University. Also, Dr. Gerrit Hoogenboom has over 30 years of experience in developing crop simulation models and decision support systems. Those models' applications range from freeze forecasting to climate variability and climate change, water resources management, biofuels, economic and environmental sustainability, and food security. 

He currently coordinates the development of the Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT), one of the most popular crop modeling systems across the world. Dr. Gerrit Hoogenboom frequently organizes and facilitates international training workshops on crop modeling and decision support systems.

Furthermore, Dr Gerrit Hoogenboom has published over 400 scientific papers in refereed journals as well as numerous book chapters and proceedings. Since 2019, he is the Editor-in-Chief for The Journal of Agricultural Science in Cambridge.

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Professor G. N. Tiwari

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Professor G.N. Tiwari will talk on the following topic: Greenhouse Sustainable Technology for Rural Applications

Prof. Gopal Nath Tiwari (G.N.Tiwari) was born on July ۰۱, ۱۹۵۱ at Adarsh Nager, Sagerpali, Ballia. Dr. Tiwari has joined IIT Delhi in the year ۱۹۷۷ after completing his Ph.D. from Banaras Hindu University as post doctoral fellow (PDF) and become Professor in the year ۱۹۹۷. He has worked in the area of solar thermal and photo-voltaic thermal (PVT) since then with Prof. M.S.Sodha. He has superannuated in June ۲۰۱۶. To his credit he has published more than ۶۵۰ research paper with h-index of ۸۸. He has also supervised more than ۱۰۰ Ph.D. students. He has published more then twenty books and ۱۵ chapters for various editing books. His work has been recognized by various agencies in terms of Hari Om Ashram Prerit S.S. Bhatnagar award (ICMRI, Bhawnagar), Vigyan Ratna award (Govt. of UP), two time life achievement award (ISAM, USA), European Fellow ,  Faculty Research award (Carrier-۳۶۰)  and nominated International IDEA award etc.  Dr. Tiwari is a founder member of SOLARIS based in UK and organized three international and many national conferences at different venue. He has also successfully completed many research project funded by many ministries, Government of India. He is Chief Editor, Editors and reviewers of many international journals with high impact factor. At present he is actively looking (i) the ongoing project on GiSPVT funded by DST at his home town Ballia (UP) at Margupur, Chilkhar Ballia and (ii) an international joint project with King Saudi University (KSU), Saudu Arabia under banner of Bag Energy Research Society (BERS) for which he is founder President. He is also involved to open a school for financially week and good students at Margupur, Chilkhar Ballia.
Recently, Dr. Tiwari has been world ranked at ۴۴۹ with C-score of ۳.۷۶۱۳۱۹۶۳ for Sriramswoop Memorial University (SRMU), Dew-Road, Lucknow and at ۱۶۰۳ with C-score of ۳.۳۴۶۷۲۱۴۷ for IIT Delhi among top ۲% world scientists from India by Stanford University, UK.  The total C-score if both added will be ۷.۱۰۸۰۴۱۱ which will improve world ranking significantly.

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Professor Jose Blasco

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Professor Jose Blasco will talk on the following topic: Using images for crop management in a precision agriculture strategy

Currenty, Professor Jose Blasco is the Head of the Agricultural Engineering Center of IVIA. José Blasco received an MSc (۱۹۹۴) and PhD in Computer Science at Universitat Politècnica de València (۲۰۰۱). He worked for IBM Spain as system analyst before he joined the Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias (IVIA) in ۱۹۹۶ where he leaded the Computer Vision in Agriculture Group (۲۰۰۲-۲۰۱۴) and now is heading the Agricultural Engineering Centre of IVIA. He is working on the development and application of Computer Vision systems to the agriculture and food industry, being the current Chair of the CIGR Working Group on Image Analysis for Agricultural Products and Processes. His fields of interest are focused on computer vision, real-time quality inspection and monitoring applications for agricultural engineering and precision agriculture through technologies such as spectroscopy or hyperspectral imaging. He has coordinated several research projects and contracts leading the obtention of national and international patents. He is coauthor of more than ۶۰ peer reviewed papers and book chapters, and has given more than ۱۰۰ presentations in conferences and invited talks.

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Professor Shahab Sokhansanj

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Professor Shahab Sokhansanj will talk on the following topic: Post Harvest Technology (فناوری پس از برداشت)

Professor Dr. Shahab Sokhansanj is the Research Leader, Biomass & Bioenergy Research Group (BBRG) at the University of British Columbia. Prior to joining UBC in ۲۰۰۲, Dr. Sokhansanj taught agricultural engineering at the University of Saskatchewan where he holds the title of Emeritus Professor. Dr. Sokhansanj retired recently from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) where as a Distinguished Research Scientist he engaged in research on biomass preprocessing and supply logistics. Dr. Sokhansanj holds an Adjunct Professor appointment in Chemical & Biological Engineering at UBC supervising a team of post doctorals and students on wood pellets and supply systems modeling. Dr. Sokhansanj hold fellowships in Engineering Institute of Canada, Engineers of Canada, Canadian Society of Bio Engineering, and American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. Dr. Sokhansanj received the ۲۰۱۶ International Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition’s Founders Award. The Award recognized Dr. Sokhansanj’s contribution to the development of engineering science around pellets and pellet industry. Dr. Sokhansanj is an active member of the BioFuelnet Canada.

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سخنرانی در حوزه کارآفرینی

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