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  • Submission Open : 21 December 2020
  • Submission Deadline : 5 June
  • Final Decision : 22 July
  • Final Registration: 6 August
  • Conference : 15 September 2021



About Conference

Biosystems Engineering is an affiliation of higher education system that utilizes engineering principles and methods to eliminate barriers or improve processes in biological systems and agriculture. The use of modern technologies in biological systems, the design and upgrading of the equipment needed by the agricultural sector, the study and development of renewable energy sources, and the development of post-harvest processes and technologies are among the most important issues addressed by biosystems engineering ...


March 21, 2021

Student Festival


March 21, 2021

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March 2, 2021



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Using opinions and specialty of university and industrial elite society for planning for reinforcing industry cycle and products in different areas of engineering science engineering, new findings for localizing and using new engineering technologies in world is an important requirement. Innovation is the factor of progressing in developed countries and regretting factor in developing countrie...

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